Survey Questions

TellPopeyes is conducting this survey to learn more about the customer experience and what changes can be made to improve the menu and ensure the appropriate level of satisfaction with meals at TellPopeyes restaurants.


After successfully answering your questions on, you will receive a free promotional code for your next purchase. You benefit from significant discounts on your next purchase. In addition to the discounts, the lucky winner can also win a cash prize of $1000.

Take A Look At General Survey Questions

The questions asked in the survey are fairly straightforward and obvious to customers who have recently visited Popeyes Restaurant. Here are some sample questions you can ask when taking the TellPopeyes survey.

  • Do you go to restaurants often? If so, how typically?
  • Was the food you ordered fresh?
  • Please rate your visit experience on a scale of 1 to 5. Leave feedback on your most recent visit
  • Then rate your satisfaction with the speed of service, the behavior of the staff, the accuracy of the food served, and the quality and cleanliness of the restaurant.

  • How do you rate the items you ordered?
  • Were the food prices reasonable?
  • Did you have any problems during your last visit to Popeyes?
  • Do you recommend Popeyes?
  • Is the price affordable at Popeyes?

When you answer the questions above, simply hit the Submit button and enter the TellPopeyes survey verification code.

The Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey takes about 5-7 minutes of your time and helps Popeyes improve its food, improve the restaurant environment, and improve customer service. Giving real feedback on Popeye’s research is the best way to say what you like and what you don’t like about your food and service, and how you treat your customers.